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Pagi yang Malass!!

on November 5, 2006

Pagi yang Malass!!


eheheh.. gedik Image… tangkap gambo pc sendiri kat officeImage… dan kelihatan bersepahnye meja ku di pagi ini… huhu..Image

Biasalah… bile keje shift nih… kadang2 tuh cam org tade life.. sian aku..Image. pepagi ahad dh kene bangun nk kene gi keje…. tp kadang2 ebst jugak keje hari ahad nih sbb tade org nk kaco aku kat opis nih.. so aku leh wat keje sambil nyanyi2 sorang2 ahahaha…Image

But then this morning.. i came in but cannot do my work,.. Reasons??? All my login IDs are disabled.. waaaaah… ni seme sbb convert contract from contract employee to permanent lah tuh…. hmm (ouh fyi for those yang tak paham ape aku merapu nih… i am working with a company and I was a contract staff for the past 10 months and finaly they are converting me to a permanent employee)… ImageSo in the process of converting the status, I think I am having problems with my peoplewise ID.. ( ouh again.. peoplewise ID nih mcam my Employee ID lah kan).. Image So I wasted more than 2 hrs not doing anything as I cannot log in to any application using my id.. so being so bored not doing anything.. aku pon menulis lah blog tak berfaedah nih Aaahaha…Image

Finally…Aku pinjam lah ID jaja ( my collegue and reset everything.. but stilll there are certains apps I cannot use… ) so i called the “beloved”  assistant manager to inform that I’ll be doing a little less work today because of this probs :p… waahhhh….suka2 hati je aku nih…

ouh..ouh.. okeh,, sbb certain id aku dh berfungsi.. so aku nk kene sambung keje :D.. kalo sempat kang aku sambung lagik Image

One response to “Pagi yang Malass!!

  1. Nux V says:

    hi azreen, nice to meet u here. I’l be joining IT365 too and is doing shift work…
    see u there! haha..
    hopefully i can convert frm contract to permanent…still praying hard for it!

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