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meori Appuda !! ( my head is sick)

on November 12, 2006


Image.. Ahahaa.. well really.. mmg kepala aku ade sakit lately.. kepala tensen sbb keje or maybe tensen sbb asyik keje gaduh ngan boss je hari2 Image

BUt the sick that I am talking about is my sick for korean Dramas and movies.. Waaa… today I spent  my day surfing nets on lyrics and lastes dramas updates.. Image..

You can guess how much I am so into Korean Dramas and songs that i even signed up for Korean Language class a year go.. ( and I am proud to say I am still keen and studying hard nowadays too Image) … Well yeah I admit I started studying the laanguage because of the korean Drama “full House” ( one of my forever and ever favourite best dramas ) But the intially when I learn more and more, I came to love the language so much. So now My objective is to study and prepare for the Korean National Exams which is held twice a year Image.

Anyway, since I am uploading the video clip, Image, This is the clip from the K-Drama ” Goong” Princess Hours. This drama is sooooo sweeettttttt !!… I guess I will be commenting on my faviurite Korean Dramas in my nect blog entry Image.

Now it’s getting late, ( maghrib dah oi).. So i will continue later…


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