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Sweet Spy Forever Love

on November 12, 2006
ImageSweet Spy Forever Love MV


Hehehe…. This is not my number 1 on top of the list K-Drama… I bought this cd pon is \my first ever cetak rompak K-drama.. (previously all my K-Drama that I bought is an Original Copy).. SO i bought this cd when i was in JB and when i saw this drama I bought it because my friends once told me about this drama… not that she highly recommends it but I bought it because it was cheap ahahaha and i was curious too. So since it was cheap, i thought well.. lte’s just buy it..
It turns out that this drama is not bad at all. Image.. Well first of all , the Hero is SUPERRRRR cute aahahahha ” Dennis Oh ” plays the Pro Spy named Han Yu Il who met with this one Widow policewoman named Lee Son Ae…
Well typical story… Rich spy, met normal policewoman… (a bit like kampung2 girl ehehhe Image)…so when they get to spend some times together, the girl falls in love too Image.. but the girl was a bit unsure cos welll if i were the girl… aku pon tak caya kan.. sbb laki tuh cute and kaya ahahaha ImageImage
I don;t want to comment more on their Love scenes, basically normal story… just that  Deniss Oh is soooooooo cute… ahahha…
So in short, i enjoyed this drama because the guy is cute.. ahahah ( get my point??) .. but not to worry.. the story line is not dull.. so don’t worry about dozing off in the middle of the drama.. Image

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