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Colic yang sucks :p

on December 5, 2006

Oh yeah… seriously colic suck….I got free tickey from hitz FM.. actually i wasn’t even dying to have the tickets… I was driving home from office ( late at night Image) when the dj annoce it’s time to call Image.. So at that time i was like… hmm why not.. just try to call… So at first, when the phone was busy.. Fine!!!.. So i tried again… I got through Image.. But then no one pick up.. So I said.. Ok.. one last try ( actuallly bukan nk sangat pon ticket tuh… tp sbb bosan saje gedikk) Suddenly the Dj pick up ” Are you calling for the tickets??”


“Erm.. yeahh!!”

“I Am sorry.. I’m afraid I already gave the tickets away!!”

” Ouh, Its okay then ” ( I should have said – Err… it’s not that i really want the ticket.. I just called cos I heard free tickets.. I don’t even know what the movie was about.. Plus the movies was supposed to be in 1 Utama Image)

I was about to say.. Thanks and hang up the phone when he finally said ” Wait… I think I have xtra 2 tickets for you. Your Full name, IC number and contact number please!!”

So i told him all the detials

” You can pick up the tickets on the 27th Novermber – 8-9pm”

” Sorry..Come again… What was the date??? and the time again?? ” ( obviously I wasn’t listening to the radio when he announce all the details…)


So it’s finally Monday, 27th November…. Image.. I went there (1Utama) with my sister since I thot I was going to get 2 tickets only… SO I didn;t invite anyone else.. When i picked up the ticket…The girl gave me 4 tickets Image.. I was like… “it’s already 8.30 and the movie will be at 9.. who should i pass the tickets to??”

So i called a few person if they are somewhere near… “haha” Well fortunately there was no one who would go for so much trouble coming up to one utama… If not i wpuld have regretted the decision as the movie seriously suck… So nasib baik atde prg jadi mangsa dtg dan nonton citer tuh ehehehe .

Review of the movie ( in my opinion lah kan!!1)

I was looking forward for the Hantu to finally come out… Cos for those who knows me well.. they will know how much I was not affected to most Horror movies (esp asian Horror movies)… I will usually laughed at most of it  Image.. sick tak/?

But then well.. I thot Thai horror would be at least has a bit of horror in it.. BUt then NOoOoooOooooOOOOoooooo!!!!! The Hantu never even shows their faces clearly  not even once Image.. The best part was only when I was mumbling to myself when A baby put his hand in the Blender Image.. and that was it.. That’s it… Image.. And that part pon was at the earlier part of the movie… The rest of the movie I was whispering to my sister on why all the characters in this movie is SOooOoooooooooooo damn stupid…

I guess all the audience ( well if not all it would be majority)  though the same as my sister and I. We all even laughed to some of the scenes( can you imagine?.. a horror movie turned to comedy)

As usual I will always questions why the ghost want to kaco others, so in this movie, the reason was, the baby was supposed to be someone REallllllYyyyyy Baddddd in the Previous Life… ( wellllll apparently ghost can have revenge against who is reborn toooo) the weird part was… dah lah budak kecik tuh kononnye reincarnation of a very bad person.. ( a dictator or that sort fo ppl) so all the hantu wants to kill the cute baby… and there is nuthing the monk can do Image.. The monk even said something like ” Others cannot ask for forgiveness for other ( org lain tkleh tobat utk org lain lah kan)” kononnnye dosa org yang dlm previous life of the baby tu sooo jahat to the extend that no one will forgive him.. kesian baby tuh.. ( tak pasal2 kan…. ) So the only thing that the parents can do was only wait and take care of the baby untill the baby turns 1 years old. So the story  basically revolves on all the weird things happen around the baby.. nad how someone close to the baby died pitifully Image ( grandma mati kene langgar treller tepi jalan, aunty mati kene hempuk ngan pintu berulang kali… HHHHuuuHHHH!!!Image) Tapi yang pasti [arents yang bodoh tk mati pon.

When the movie finally ended, the people in the cinema were saying the name of the character so loudly ( cos I think that was the only thing that we keep on hearing in the movie).. The character name was Pong (guy -apparently teh father of the baby), and the wife Prae and the son named Pan.. ( 3Ps Image ) cam charmed laa plak kan Image(Prue (previously) Piper,Pheobe and Paige) eheheh Image….

In conclusionn.. this movie is totaly a Noo Nooo …It will waste your time and your money ( in my case my time and fuel) Image.

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