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on December 9, 2006



( mesti macam apakah ituh?? ape di tajuk tuh??? ) ehehehehe that is what we call DSSR reference number in Our company Ahahahah…Image ouh yeah.. the pics does not relate to the title too AHaha  Image.. that is only the pix of one of my favourite actor Ahaha… Image

reason why I put the title that way.. is to shhow how I am sooooOooo stuck with the work now ( stuck lah kan sempat tulis blog lagik… ) ehehehe Image.. Nope.. Nope… I was focusing on my work when the server suddenly went “not Responding” Image.. Duhhh!!!..Why Am I here in the office in the weekend?? So can anyone recommend me any “normal working hours” job but still get the same pay that I am gettiing now with all the shift allowance Image.. Kalo ade.. I quit now and then aahahha…

Enough on work related topics( duhh my title pon about work kan).. It’s so bored eheheh…

This week I’ve been living like a nomad ( hahah.. macam duduk dlm RV adn move around everyday Image).. Earlier this week, my parents and little brother stayed in my aunty’s house in banting ( my brother bersunat Image).. so basically no one at my house. I went there on my off day ( Tuesday and Wednesday) and basically went back home on wednesday as I am working on Thursday. So whenever I am not in banting, I will sometime go back home alone, or sometime went back to my father’s aunt’s ( my grand aunt) house in Shah alam. Yesterday I decided to stay at Sarah’s house ( btol kan macam nomad??) hehehe Image..

( ouh Lotus Notes server masih not responding.. canner nk wat keje nih???) Last night we ( sarah and I) went to watch “Cinta” in Mid Valley ( ooouuhhh MV GSC’s front seats sucks)  NO wonder I prefer One Utama to any other place in Malaysia ahaha Image.. Since we were already in MV and I was like, “If I don’t watch Cinta today, I don’t know when I will watch it” so we bought the tickets anyway even though they were the front row.. HooHOhhhoo ( I can still feel my neck hurts Image)….

Eh eh… server dh ok.. nk sambung keje kejap… sbb kang leh pulang awal… nnt I sambung on my opinion in “Cinta” Image

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