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Can’t wait for 13th July 2007

on December 10, 2006

Can't wait for 13th July 2007


ouh..ouh.. Fyi.. if you want to enlarge the pix, click on the mignifying class at the side of the pic ( I just reallized it just now Image)

ImageImagewaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….. Lamanye tak mengikuti perkembangan harry potter ( semenjak2 obsessed ngan mende baru Image).. SO this morning I suddenly remembered to open on of my faviurite web ( in terms of getting Harry Potter updates) www.mugglenet.com

So when I opened the page, I saw that there was alerady a teaser trailer there… wahaAhhhhhaaa… and the movie is coming to cinema in July (Image.. why so farrrr awayyyyy?? Image)…. Anyway.. I seriously can’t wait.. as this is the 5th sequel of the book… And Sirius will die.. huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu… Okay.. later I continue… Now got work to do ( why laaa I keep on writing short blog and many of it in the same day Image)

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