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I got a “Love Letter” in the midnight!!!..

on December 10, 2006


wah… tuh gambo surat chentha aku yang pertama… tak eprnah dapat surat chentha dr abg polisi… Image.. worst of all it was already 12.30.. and the road was clear… and i wasn’t even aware of any police car or anything…I was already IN FRONT of my aunt’s house when suddenly there was a police car asking me to stop Image.. At that time I didn’t even reallize that they were there because I langgar the red light… Serious ly.. I was a bit blurrr Image.. yerlah kan.. midnight.. pk2 balik nk tido aje… suddenly brader polisi inih sudah mintak lesen… kite nih cam aaaa?? saya nk gi rumah sedara saya je tuh.. kat tepi sana tuh/… But i just passed my license anyway.. then he asked.. tahu tak awak buat kesalahan ape???

Aku serious macam blur.. yang cam errm….then dia tanya.. ad elanggar lampu merah??? aku cam… hmmm….

wah tensne.. dah lah tade tanay2 ape dah.. terus mintak lesen ngan ic.. Image.. and that was the end of it…i didn’t even have any chance to make up stories…

so basically.. angan2 ku utk berbelanja bulan depan.. masih tak tercapai.. cos I already like add up RM300 on my TO PAY list next month… huaaaaaa Image

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