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한국 음식 정말 너무 맛있어요!!!!(KOrean Food is very delicious!!)

on December 20, 2006

한 음식 정말 너무 맛있어요!!!!(KOrean Food  is very delicious!!) magnify

Image.. Ouh Last Thursday, me and my classmates went to the Korean Restaurant 겅중 – “Geong Jung” in PNB Darby Park in Ampang Image.. I liked Korean Food since the first time I tried eating them last year with my korean teacher. The problem is, since korean loves to eat Dwaeji kogi ( pork) so much, it’s very hard for me to find a restaurant where they don’t serve pork in their restaurant. However, i came to find out about among the few restaurants that doesn’t serve pork. and 겅중 is one of it Image..

I actually won a Lucky draw ( i think for the first time ever in my life kot that i was actually lucky for a lucky draw Image) when i went to watch the First Korean Language speech contest in UM last month. So since I went to the contest with my friends, so i consider that i should share the price together. I won a RM 100 voucher t0 spend at the korean reastaurant ” 겅중“… So we went there and eat.. and eat.. and eatt…!!! 정말 너무 맛있어요!!!!

Anyway, ( now I am changing the topic!).. Yesterday, as I was browsing through my newly favourite page ( HahaHaha Image).. I found one song.. It was once of my favourite song when I was in primary scholl i think… Sang by Lea Salonga ” We could be in love” but pity i could not find the original vclip… but anyway, i am putting this video anyway. Image

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