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오늘 도 노무 심심해요!!! Today is Also Very Boring :p!!!

on December 25, 2006
BOsann!!! 청말 심심해!!!!

BOsann!!!  말 심심해!!!!


Today is Saturday, And I am stuck hereImage  in my office.. waaaa Bosannn!!… And today I need to do all the Shared drive request Image.. all the windows NT mumbo jumbo ahahah Image..

So I watched korean Movie ( sambil buat keje ekk!! Image).. I watched “Windstruck” ( yer reza kalo ko tgh membaca Image.. aku masih bercerita pasal korean movie Ahahaha Image and inilah citer yang pompuan My Sassy girl yang ko suka tuh Image)..

Anyway.. enough of those stuff… Tadi pagi kononnye aku nk pegi service keter ku.. sbb sudah more than 21000 km.. Yesterday I called the Kia service people, ade la sorang minah nih ( receiptionist) kata leh dtg pagi hari nih.. ( she didn’t mention what time) and PLUSS.. she didn’t  even say anything abou half day!!Image..

(Jap ade gangguan.. BOSS kesayangan ramai tetiba muncul Image) So this morning, I woke up a bit late but duhhh as I finish work 11 pm yesterday. And as I mention the girl ( Kia receiptionist) did not mention what time I should come by, so assuming  anytime.. I came around 10.30 almost 11..  Don’t know whether today is National Stooopid ppl day or anything close, on the way to puchong ( Kia Service), there a stupid bitch driving Kembara almost caused me in accident. She was driving in the middle lane and suddenly wthout any signal or what so ever, she came in to the right lane ( which was where I was driving) Oh my GOD.. I almost bumped the divider in LDP Image..Luckyly i get to break on time.. I was so pissed.. Stupid bitch!!.. ( appologize for my words).. So after the incident involving the Bitch ( yang bukan bawak keter ape pon nk berlagak kan!!!), I called the Kia service wanted to make sure where are their where abouts, but then another stupid girl suddenly said,, ” Eh Puan ade appointment ke?? ” (Puan lah kan!!!…tape.. aku maafkan sbb aku calll..) So I said.. Yess.. I called you yesterday.. You said dtg pagi.. Dan pompuan bijak nih sudah  cakap… hmm “puan cakap ngan sape semlm??” aku cakap lah kan.. ( nada dh agak pissed) mana saya tahu sape nama dia.. dia sudah tanya lagik laki ke pompuan… aku cakap Pompuan.. ( sah2 aku tahu dia yang jawab call smlm.. BODOh!!).. lepas tuh pass plak phone kat sape tah.. dan from there only.. he mention ” hari ni kite half day!!” I was like, yesterday nobody mention about half day!!… then no time was mentioned yesterday.. just cakap morning… so last2 malas nk gaduh… aku pon berpatah balik ( merugikan duit tol kau pegi dan balik).. I stopped by at my aunt’s clinic.. Lepak there untill 2 then went to office. SO here I am…

okehlah… mahu buat keje.. ( yeah right!!)  Later if I feel like wasting my times lagi.. I’ll write more Image.. Hahaha

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