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26th Dec – Definetely my worst day ever ( 정말 나쁜 날!!)

on December 30, 2006
정말 나쁜 날!!..


I went to the immigration very early in the rmorning, with hopes that there won’t be too many people earlier in the morning.. BUt then I was wrong.. There was alerady a swarm of people there in the immigration in Pusat Bandar Damansara. Okay…so i bought the rm1 form ( to apply for the passport… 9 nk buat passport pon form kene bayo kan.. so kene lah tulis leklok.. malas nk beli banyak2 kali )

Okay.. usually I will always have a pen in my bag.. but that day I forgot … So I went to the Giant to buy a pen..(apparently all the pen at the immigration counter are all gone.. tinggal tali je… TERUKKNYAA!!)… So after completing the form, I went in the line to get my number giliran.. ( nk amik nombor giliran pon ade line nombor giliran utk amik nombor giliran).. so never mind.. I got number 1309 and the number showing at that time was 10xx ( 1k something….. wah almost 200 number more to wait… )so luckyly I brought a book to read.. I am currently REreading the harry potter series… ( ahah.. tade keje…) So after more than 2 hrs waiting… I just reallize I am very hungry.. So looking at the number giliran there was still about 100 something ppl to wait, i ran for giant to get some bread and biscuits..

There only i was wondering…i lost my rm150 money. that morning i took 150 from my mother cos tak sempat nk ke bank… SO i think i must have put the money in my pocket and didn’t bother the check after that… So when i suddenly remembered to check back I reallized the money was gone.. i check all my pockets, all the pockets in my handbag and i even ran back to my car to check if i had dropped it in my car… But then it wasn’t there… I think those who saw my face at that time must thought that i looked like i was going to cry in rage tears. Since all my money is in SCB (standard charetered)… of course the atm machine is nowhere to be seen.. So i was trying my luck to go and try to other atms with PLUS signs to try and withdraw my money.. but to no luck.. So i called my mother and she came to the rescue and sent me the 150 to pay for the passport.

So right after that, i didn’t go for lunch ( i did not have breakfast that morning cos stressed about losing the money) and i went straight to my office… and to make my day worst, my sandal came off that day.. Oh my.. was I in very foul mood that day.. So when i finally arrive in the office when I was reading the mails, whatver email that need my ‘urgent’ attentions was replied sarcasticallly ..

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