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Now I Know how Big RAIN is in MAlaysia!!

on January 29, 2007

Oh my gosh…. I never before this consider myself as a RAIN FAN…. but then I guess it is changing after seeing the concert in Bukit Jalil last Saturday ( 27th January 2007)…. The stadium was fullll.. mind you the tickets ranged between RM82- RM1002.. and I bought the RM132..

At first I was just planning to attend since I am a big fan of Korean related stuff.. Basically I have nuthing agains korean related thingy ahaha… okay… My friend Jaimie basically got us some nice spot for the price that we have paid. I got the place at the back (considering teh ticket price) but Luckyly at the center… so i got to watch everythinh clrealy..

Oh my god.. oh my.. teh concert was SUPERBBBB!!!!!… seriously.. all the lighting and all the stage and all was perfecto…

I would like to describe more bit then now I’m in a hurry.. ( working time now.. ahah).. so for now just settle the verdict ( WAAyyyyyy Beyond Expectation!!..)…


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