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Hectic dayy!!..( neomu pigonhaessoyo :( …)

on March 4, 2007
Hectic dayy!!..( neomu pigonhaessoyo 😦 …)


wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… penat.. ituh je lah yang mampu aku katakan tentang idup aku these past 2 weeks…. I’ve been going here and there… here and there….. hari nih je dh mengambarkan betapa penatnye aku beberapa hari nih.. it starter yesterday lah kan… I skipped my AD training cos I was so tired and fed up already cos i’ve been working from monday to saturday for the past 3 weeks.( inclusing Chinese NEw YEar)…… so yesterday i skipped my AD training 1 reason cos I exhausted and the other reason cos my sister cam back from Kemaman.. ouh and then cos I need to do some last minute shopping for my dinner shoe and for Azie’s wedding present... so yesterday I managed to buy Azie a 21 inch flatron tv ( we share the price among the colleague).. then lepas tuh i rushed back to my relative house in shah alam and quickly wrapped up the BIIgggggggGGGG box and it turned out that the 6 pieces of wrapping paper was not enaough to cover all the box surfaces .

Wel.. knowing me.,… and being so in a hurry, i coulnd’t care less and I wrapped the box except for the bottom part .. and then rushed again to get ready for our annual dinner in Sunway Resort HOtel. I was supposed to meet up my coleague at 6.30 but it turns out that I was late and i only moved from my relative house at 6.15 and for sure I was a bit late…

The dinner was grand except for the food.. Yeah Sunway food was lousy .. I just can’t accept hotel fried rice taste like a white rice …welll don’t really want to comment about the food.. but the perfomance was nice. It was done by the Instant Cafe Theater.. Rashid salleh, David Teoh and crew .

After waiting for the lucky draw ( yang mmg I tak pernah lucky pon) the dinner officially ends at about 12.30 but then there were some pple who stayed back to dance and alll. SO since I promised to send Wei Tze home, so we went back together. Oh and being a Sanguine person as I amn, I forgot where I parked my car…... boleh ke?? Nasib baik we ended up going 2 floors only… so After I sent Wei Tze home, I went back to my sedara’s house in Shah Alam.

Today morning, I was supposed to wake up at 8 and get ready to go to che pa’s house in Ampang for her Engagement reception. BUt then since I slept at about 2.30- 3 in the morning last night, so i woke up around 9 .. so rushing again.. iron clothes and bathe and rushed to sarah’s house.

To make it short, we arrived at chepa’s house at aboout 11.30 where by I promised to meet up my friend at bukity jalil station at 12 noon. so we sampai2 at chepa’s hpouse the guy’s family were discussing about teh engagementy and wedding and so on.. after all the formality done, I salam2 chepa and her mother and rushed to my car as it was already 12 at that time !!

I drove for about 15 minutes to arrive at Bukit Jalil.. ( hmm laju ke?? :) then fetch karimah at LRT and wait for reza and ja for a while ten rushed ke klang plak…sampai sana aku dah macam hmm lantak.. aku nnk lepak2.. walaupun au ade seminar that suppossed to start at 2 in BUkit Jalil Golf club . penat weh… dh 2 minggu aku lari sana.. l;ari sini… so 2.30 baru au gera dr klang… wah serabut aku nih…. so pendek kata aku penat…..!!!!

Okay nk tido….. annyeongg

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