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habis sudah marathon Spring Waltz!!

on March 15, 2007

habis sudah marathon Spring Waltz!!


Overall.. nice one… but not too sad and not too excited .. so so.. but then considering the price and the box presentation, yerp the drama is worth to buy ( ouh FYI the pix above is not the drama pix…) gambo ni suppossedly to be the album cover of the character in the drama “Yoon Jae Ha” who is a profesional pianist… honestly.. not so keen with the main character actually cos looks so hmmm how to say Jambu?? ehhehe .. but well after watching the drama.. and after looking at this person for so many episodes, he’s not that bad after all .. but still not so keen.. but the girl in the drama is cute.. I love the face.. so cute and yet pretty at the same time.. As usual kalo nk tulis review je.. mesti aku malas nk tulis in detail… cos aku tahu tade sape nk baca pon blog nih ahahah… but anyway… nvm.. i still enjoy writing jugak for my own future reference eheheh .

oklah… nk tido…. tensen hari nih ngan org2 insuran yang bodoh dan bosan aku tgh shared drive request hari2… nk muntah dah eheheh … jom carik keje baru…. jommmmmm

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