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on March 19, 2007



hmmm…. Out of stress caused by my boss a few weeks ago,I applied a few post in JObstreet online just basically to “test the market” AHhaha .. so I was like clicking here nad there…. and suddenly in the evening someone called me to schedule an interview… so basically since tomorrow ( monday 19 march) I already applied for leave, so I promised the guy that I can come tomorrow……. ok……… but thennnn….

.. tonight i was like… hmm esok nk interview.. tapi resume tak print lagik…. and cert seme blom fotokopi… macam mana tuh??and then bile di fikirkan aku tade sluar slack…. ( boleh ke???) baju formal yang akua de skarang maybe naju kurung je ( tradisonal lah aku ).. tade sbb kat office skang i can basically wera anything that i want to wear.. so I have only jeans… wahhh….

So esok… macam malas dtg plak… rasa cam nk cakap aku demam… agak keji… tp aku tammo pegi interview tak prepare kan?????….

hmm macam mana nk move from this company???

ouh anyway.. vid bawah nih tade kene mengena ngan confusion aku.. eheheh tgh browse nampak muka hyun bin …. waaahhhhhh … so aje je letak vclip nioh ahahaha

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