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Tree in Heaven

on April 1, 2007

Ohoo.. ade citer lawak about this particular drama… Bukan drama nih lawak… drama nih drama sedih sebenarnye.. tp there’s a story behind this drama.. ahah i bought the “Tree in Heaven ” drama about a month ago.. in Kotaraya KL.. along with “Spring Waltz” drama.

The funnyt part was, I was unable to move the “Tree in Heaven” drama from the box.. SO i watch the “Spring Waltz” first.. SO yesterday after a month I bought rhe cd, I finally got the time to bring the cd to the shop in KL with hope to change the cd with the new box…

Suddenly the girl at the shop get the drama box out just a matter of seconds … She just shake the box and the drama box came out easily… wahhhh so malu…… So only yesterday I finnaly get to watch the drma. So yesyerday I manage to watch 2 episodes.. not bad for a drama That the girl in the cd shop told me supposed to be sad drama with sad ending somemore….Don’t know why I sort of enjoy watching sad drama, sad movie…Previously if I know the drama will be a sad one, I won’t even consider watching it even though someone would lend it to me.. But after watching “Sad Movie” and “Millionaire’s First Love”, I quite enjoy warching sad theme drama.. THen nangis2 sakan ehehhe .

So since I already mentioned the drama, why not enjoy the vclip .. ouh by the way I;m starting to like the Actor ” Lee Wan”. Fisrt reallize his appearance was in Snow White .. Look a bit like eric from Shinhwa too

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