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Exam hampir tibaaaa

on April 5, 2007

waaa.. noemu kinjanghaeyoo… exam is getting nearr.. exam should be on 22nd April but I’m still not ready… wahhh.. kire2 around 2 weeks something …waaaa.. ajik chunbihaeyooo.. nowadays been so bz.. so basically i jugling my time here and there.. I even did my listening test exercise in my car while i’m driving…. huhuhu…. so while the traffic a bit slow.. i will open my book and try to asnwer to some of the listening test question… now during lunch time.. will need to bring some books to try and finish up some homeworks given by my teacher… hmmm ni belum lagik ami master ke sambil kerja.. kalo amik master.. matiii nk carik masa bile nk buat homework.. wishe me luck for the coming exam… hohoho

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