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Whoever have not yet watch “perfume” please DON’T watch it!!

on April 7, 2007


ouh my god.. I can’t express how pissed i am when the movie ended…… i spent almost 3 hours watching a movie with stooooooppppiiiiiddd ending.. believe me.. the ending was realllyy stupid…the overal story was quite ok… but then through out the end when the “perfumist”( uhhh.. I know no such word.. but welll I don’t care) finally succeed to create the ultimate perfume…everyone fell in love with him.. “ouh… he’s an angel”.. WhATTTTT?????? a phsyco killer who killed women to get the essence of smell was release when he puts on the utimate perfume that we created.. even the priest was koo koo at that time when he admited that the guy was an angel once he smelled the perfume..

and then the part where the guy put the smell on a handkerchief and wave it and ppl start smelling the perfume in the air…. I can’t help to laugh.. when alll the crowd who was supposed to be there to watch him executed started to kiss each other and stripped there and then .. Whyyy????? why a thrilller would have an ending that way???.. i was so fed up cos i basically stayed up and waste my money for nuthing.

in the end… he basically pour the so called ultimate perfume and all the ppl fell in love with him and I guess he was eaten out of love…,, Errr tell me why again?????

so for all those pple who plans to watch.. you better not waste your money on this movie…..


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