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Waaaa…. chuhayo

on April 22, 2007

waaa… cannot say how relief i am now that the Hanguek sihoem is over.. I will be tense again once the result will be out in JUne.. but for now…. let’s party ahahaha … people might say what exam did she took?? sounds like really stressful… wahhh.. it is stressfull.. it might had been just a language test…. but this one is the Korean national test… it’s the same all around the world.. and this year is the 2nd year that they are combining the level 2 and level1 test.. So eventhough I applied for level 1 exam , if my mark is up to the par, then I can get the 2nd level certification, so.,….. I don’t have to take the 2nd level test after this and can straight away try for the intermediate exam next year…


So we have been working very hard ( my classmates, teacher and I)… cos we studies level2 only half way through.. so basically my knowledge is a bit here.. a bit there … but overall the exam was fine… just hope can score more than 70 for each paper… wahhhhhh…. Pray hard .. but for now.. I’m gonna relax my mind.. these past few weeks were very chaotic weeks.. I’ve been sleeping with lights on for so many nightss. ( because I was supposed to study but then I fell asleep )… anyway.. at least I can now have better sleeps untill June AHhahah

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