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Bumper issue!!

on May 5, 2007

Kesian keter aku…..Bumper sudah kemek… hmmm..tao nk kata aku salah ke the other party yang salah…. kalo ikut aku.. rasa cam aku betol… tp tato aa kan… the guy was in the right lane.. and the right lane was supposed to go right.. so i was at the left lane.. which was suppose to go straight.. however.. in no matter what condition.. i think the right lane ppl should have not go left… cos.. the left ppl might go to the right…. anyway… after the kissing scene .. i was a bit shocked so stopped sekejap.. and the guy also stopped for a sec… and do some tak puas hati face… he was already on the way straight and I was already going right.. so I did not see the car reg number.. but I vaguely remembered what car was it and of course the colour.. … so being a first timer of such case, i stopped a while and looked at my car.. and basically we sort of going our separate ways.. but i think the guy saw my plate number.. but i did not.. huhu .. that’s the only regretful thing that i did..

so i was like don’t want to think about the car anymore.. and basically for me as long as the car works fine.. so i don’t really that mind with the dent ( as long as I am the one who caused it )

I passed by University hospital already ( basically halfway to my house already) when faa called and asked about the accident and adviced me to go a logged police report as we fear that the person might make a report and if i don’t.. i’ll be dead.. so,, I turned back ( going back to my office and trying to find the nearest police station and jaa confirmed that it should be near
Seri kembangan.. so she led me to the police station.. unfortunately (to the cost of my fuel) when we were there, the policeman informed us that Bukit Jalil falls under Kuala Lumpur police station.. .. wahh…. what a waste of effort… he also said that better not go to kl at that moment ( middle of the day) as the traffic will be in the worst condition.. so I thot maybe later tonight i should go to the police station..anyway.. my parents were away when I reached home.. so basically they not yet see anything… i’m not really bothered about the bumper.. just that thinking of the fact that my mom not gonna stop talking on the fact that the car is now dented and why the hell did i not see the man’s plate number..
.. well what’s done is done.. nk wat canner…

2 responses to “Bumper issue!!

  1. ajurina says:

    bestnyer nombor plat..
    (tarikh besday aku)

  2. ehehehe :D… leh kalo ko nk beli number plat ngan aku AHahah… kebetulan plak ye… akunye plate tuh cam kebetulan bila dapat.. tahun kelahiran adik aku ngan tahun aku lahir ahahah 😀

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