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Oneureun Sim simhaeyo ( today is boring :p)

on May 11, 2007
Today as you can see.. I’m attaching all sort of videos in here ahahha .. just feels like it..
HandShake (악수) he looks very young in this vid.. ( his first album I guess..) neverthe less I like the song
Suddenly it felt so longgggg time ago
I was browsing through the vclips an came across
“Lea Salonga – We could be in Love” video.. HAhaha.. When watching it again.. I reallized that i vaguely remembered some of the scenes.. ( the neighbor is a photographer ) but the part that made me laugh was how jambu the Guy looks like actually.... Then I occured to me, well when I fisrt saw the video, it was when I was in Standard 6 Ahahaha ..
You can imagine a standard 6 girl obessesing about a video clip ahahah and mind that at that time there was no such thing as astro.. I think at that time we had Mega Tv i think... Well anyway. just feel like wanting to put this video in the blog so that I hope I can view it again some other time




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