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내 생일 이예요!!

on June 10, 2007

오늘은 내 생일 이예요!! ( today is my b’day!! )…. dh tua plak rasa… today i am 25 years old…. quarter of century…hmmm come to think of it… many of us in this age are already married…aku cam lalalalal lagik…. erm… slow and steady win the race???.. Win kah aku? hmmm… well I guess we cannot measure the rate of life successfulness ( ahaha ade term life successfullness ke??)..

yeah.. I am content with my life now currently… but not too content to the extend that I can now relax… skang nih cam tgh carik sumber2 lain utk menambahkan pendapatan.now I’m learning how to build a business so that in the future i can rest and relax and benefit from the passive income.. ( amin)..that one in terms of income lah kan….now i’m talking about the emotional part of life…

sometimes..when i have too much free time to make my mind wander aorund… that time lah suka pk all sorts of things..but we as a human being, are not supposed to question the destiny that have been set by the Almighty…But anyway.. we should work to improve our own life kan.. (career wise.. yeah you can think of a way to improve it).. personal life??.. I would say that it is very subjective for someone to measure it…Org cakap.. jodoh pertemuan di tangan tuhan…. when will it appear will might never know…tp cam aku cakap laa.. bila banyak masa nih… mula lah aku pk2…. ade ke jodoh aku??? ade ke someone somewhere out there for me??.. erkkk.,…. tammo cakap lebey2.. ehehhe kang dragging…

anyway….. wishing me a very happy year and a hope this will be the best year, the prosperous year….

I have a burning desire to retire young retire rich

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