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Stories I would like to share


on June 20, 2007

ehehe.. Now i’m actually sort of moving my blog entry from yahoo 360 to this new site ehehe..( sort of useless actually) but then I don’t want whatever I have wrote previously will be forgoten :)…. Don’t know why I sort of want to change the blog from yahoo to word press… sbb here it’s like very easy for you to add pix and vid and so on :).. so I hope this will be my final place for my blog AHahaha…

Since i am sort of already writing, might as well jot down something for today … tp ape nk cerita?? nuthing interesting to write about me for today.. ahahah… more and more friends getting married.. someone getting engage..erm… aku?? ehehe….. ouh well… nnt laa aku sambung merapu 😛

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