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kureon namja ka isso?? 그런 남자가 있어? (does that kind of man exist?)

on June 28, 2007

my mood tonight… mushy mashy.. 😛 after watching a few “wedding” drama episodes.. AHahah (this is not the first time anyway…).. just that.. don’t know why.. to some reason.. i sort of thot about it tonight..but then seriously this drama have the dup dap dup dap effect on me ahaha :”>

” Is there any man for me?” Would there be a man who would like and love me the way I am?.. Yes I know Jodoh pertemuan di tangan tuha… so what if kalo tade jodoh?? waaa.. why suddenly thinking about these things?………( sorry cos maybe a little bit too much of a korean drama influence.. my thots were thinking in korean ahahah :P)

세 상에서 내 남자 가 있어요?
sesangeso.nae namja ka issoyo?
친차 있어요?
jinja issoyo??
이 남자가 나에게 좋아하고 사랑해요
i namja ka, na ege chuhahago saranghaeyo
그런 남자가 있어
keureon namjaka issoyo?

있으면 그 남자가  어떤 남자가 있을까요?
issumyeon, keu namja ka eoddeon namja issulkayo?
마음이 편하는 것같다?
maumi pyeonhaneun kot katda?

언제가 그런 남자가 볼수있어?
eonjeka kureon namjaka bolsu issoyo?
결혼 할래

보고싶은 남자가 정말 있어요?
pogoshippohaneun namjaka cheongmal issoyo?

eheheh.. actually, i wanted to write these things in english at first..but then i decided to leave it as it is in korean… sorry for those who can’t understand it :)… not trying to be showy… just that, the less people can understand.. the better it is… cos segan plak tetiba ahahah.. if by any chance there is anyone who read this can understand, forgive my korean… I’m still learning :D..so translation dibatalkan :”>..

actually i wanted to write down one of the poem excerpt from this korean drama “Wedding”.. The poem is so sweet… but the drama site is down now.. so maybe i’ll update tomorrow 🙂

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