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2 Friends leaving the Hell

on July 2, 2007

sakit satu badann… nnt citer pasal mount climbing.. ni nk post pasal gambar farewell party for marina (last wednesday 27th June 2007)..

marina ( kak Mary)

We all went to the “Johnny’s Restaurant” for a steamboat.. Niceeeee…. everyone eating happily… Happy for Marina cos get to leave the “hell” :)…. All the best my friend.. We will definetely miss you.. 😦


(Shan, Wei Tze and Marina)

pikcha-0201.jpg (Ash,Raihan(abe azie :p) and Zul)

pikcha-0202.jpg (Marcus, Balan, Azie)

pikcha-0203.jpgMasih -(Ash,Raihan(abe azie :p) and Zul)

Sayangnye kreem tak dapat join.. sbb rabu tuh b’day Kreem.. Anyway.. Kreem.. Happy Belated B’day.. All the best to you too Kareem.. we will miss you too :(…

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