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그대 생각합니다

on July 3, 2007

그대 생각합니다

when the sun touches the ground, I miss you
when the moon climbs up slowly, I miss you
when the dust settles down on the distance road,I miss you
meeting in the middle of the night i still can see your shadow
when the waves crash i hear your voices
as everyone falls asleep in the midst of quiet forest i hear your voice
no matter how far, I’d like to be by your side
You’d be by my side when the sun sets and the star shines
Aaa, If only you’re by my side

5 responses to “그대 생각합니다

  1. iryanilob says:


  2. iryanilob says:

    wah wah wah….jiwang karat sungguh¬ 😛

  3. ni penyakit akibat terlalu banyak menonton drama hehehe

  4. kakak joe says:

    dasat…jiwang korea ni sampai berkarat2…fuhhh penat den dengar

  5. ayda says:

    yeay..boleh comment.
    asal last time visit tak leh tinggal comment eh? dia suruh register.
    vendor korea yg ayda crita hari tue,one time masuk meeting ada bandage kat tgn dia.
    dia ckp tgn dia tiba2 swelling due to hardwork of using laptop without mouse..
    so guys, be careful..when you start feeling a numb on your wrist, use your mouse.

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