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Habis sudah “Wedding” Marathon

on July 3, 2007

Akhirnya habis jugak aku marathon citer “wedding” :p.. So cam tetiba teringat nk tgk clip lagu jJang Nara.. EHehehe.. used to like this song. BUt that time I don’ really know what the meaning is .. ehehe.. Now ade aa faham sket2 the title and the lyrics ehehhe :)….The video is very cute and you can feel the mood even though you don’t understand the meaning of the song…

Title of the song “Amado Sarang Iketjo” -Maybe it’s love

— Tak jumpa plak liriknye… hmmmm..

—-> mode kepala ” kepala tgh gedik :P”….. jinan jumare, han namja ka mannassoyo… geu namjaka utki neomu chuhayo.. kaseume neomu chuhayo :X ( ahahah.. only me knows :p)

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