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neomu oraet dong an online hajianayo( sudah lama tidak online)

on August 4, 2007

Sigh…. been offline for so long… got some probs with the connections at home.. now so many things to share… briefly, been going for a few interviews for past few weeks.. and landed on one of the job…been thinking to move jobs since forever, and then just now when I finally have the chance to pass the resignation letter to my Senior manager, he suddenly inform me that I am in the list for this month salary review.. so basically my salary have been reviewed and they will increase about Rm200 :p….. The new job that i got, did not actually offfer me very very big sum, but previously the amount was basically Rm300 more than what I am getting now…

So now, the dilema, after knowing about the new increment, now the difference for me to move to the new job is just RM100.. hmmm…hmmm… Rm100 for the sake of starting over?? is it worth it???

should I reject the new offer??I just went to the new office yesterday in KL to take the offer letter and went for short medical check up…..

so now, i’m torn between moving to a new company and gain new experience but risking might be having more problems for teh sake of RM100…… OR stay, ( at the office which I previously wanted to leave so much) and live with the possibility of getting the bonus.. hmm hmmm…. anyone??

One response to “neomu oraet dong an online hajianayo( sudah lama tidak online)

  1. kakak joe says:

    hmmmm…have u made ur decision?…just think wut the best for you…en whuteva u do think u r goin to enjoy ur job. mizz yuh.

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