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aku masih di sini :P

on August 11, 2007

ehehehe… at last….I basically made the decision to stay :p.. monday morning.. senior manager came to my desk and grinning and asked me if I have something for him?

ahah.. at that time I don’t know what to say except that “yeah.. I’m staying :P”… ouh well.. in short.. I’m still here :p… tee hee hee…ouh anyway if any one of u who read the post on salary review… please please keep it shut… ( made a mistake of telling ppl on that…)… shut it okay.. don’t tell anyone… huhuhuh…

This week been very busy…basically stayed back almost everyday except for monday…SO many things to do.. Duhhhh….next week nk ke gua tempurung… .. hihihi… sebenornye me working on that day.. tried to swap roster with colleague but most of them already swap with someone else.. sighhh :(…..so i ended up applying for leave.. but manager not yet approve.. huaaaa….. i think gonna go for a short chat with manager this monday… need to nego.. if cannot get leave on saturday.. I will come on sunday to cover for the BAU.. huaaa… me want to go to guaaaa…. ( wish me luck on my nego skill ahahahah)(psst.. i’ve been known to be very persuasive :P) HAhahaa

okaylah.. I think want to paste some pix from my last trip to Gunung Irau…. I can’t believe i went through all that…. wohooo …



ni muka2 masa blom tgk canner rupa track yang berlumpur ahahah ( dlm kepala ku track nye adalah seperti track jalan2 kaki muahahahah) – ouh fyi ketiga2 kawan2 aku nih dh meninggalkan aku di ITSC :p.. seme dh membawa diri ke tempat lain….. huaaa.. miss you all… (kerna korang pergi,, maka aku terpaksa ke gua tempurung bersorangan… sob sob)

1/10 of the track :p

1/10 of the track :p

okaylah.. me rushing…. nnt next time me upload more :P….

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