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Snow Queen!!눈의 여왕

on August 12, 2007


 My internet is back so is my Korean Fever.. ( ahaha korean fever mmg sentiasa ada :p)…. I know Yanie recommended to me to watch “Coffee Prince”.. yerp and I agree with her the drama does looks interesting.. I watched a few clips already in the youtube.. Howver in order for me to watch Coffee Prince I need to download it from “www.veoh.com.. which is a problem to me as my pc is running out of memory and space… (waaa… I need to buy a laptop quickly…)… Anyway… last week I watched nurul drama ( Couple or Trouble) not bad.. as the actor is handsome too ahahha.. anyway, that’s not the reason why i write this post.

whan watching the drama, i came across a drama advert called the snow queen (눈의 여왕).. the advert was really simple… it’s like animation…( i will iclude the 1st ep of snow queen here for the intro :p).. The advert ( trailer) caught my attention cause I saw Hyun Bin name ( in hangul) ehehhe :P..

so i tried browsing around to see if i can find the drama snow queen..

Too badd it’s not included in the www.crunchyroll.com web.. :(…… so I need to find it in youtube which is a bit leceh cos in you tube they divide the drama into 8 parts at least.. Nevertheless, since I wanted to see the drama so badly, I watched it in youtube.. Not bad.. not bad at all.. but but but.. it’s a sad movie.. eh drama.. very sad drama…even the 1st ep oso sudah ade sad scene… But since nowadays I sort of enjoy watching sad drama, So i think I’m gonna buy the cd.. I supposed the cd should be in teh market already cos I can see the trailer in cd’s already.. I’m gonna have to go and survey… The drama is released in Jan 2007.. anyway.. this is the ending of the drama.. I sort of like the song :)… ouh and then the vclip.. so sadd…

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