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환상의 커플- Couple or Trouble ( fantasy Couple)

on August 19, 2007

Anyway, abaikan the previous posting… 1 is the pix of kimbab ingredients :D… ( nicee) the other one is just an animation that i wanted to use as avatar ahahahah… for my scholl alumni web but don’t know where to upload the pix.. So… saje upload here eheheh :D….

ANyway, the title is a about a drama :)….that i am currently watching beside snow queen…. This is one of the song on the drama.. cute song :D.. this is also my current ring tone 😉

Oh ji Ho is ssooooooooo Handsomee…… cute…. neomu motissoyo…. cheongmal yo :)….. he’s not the type of very handsome… but his dimple is so cute eheheh :D.. I noticed Oh Ji Ho the first time in Autumn Shower :D.. nevertheless the body is so well built :p.. huwa huwa huwaaa 😛

this is the photo shoot clips I guess 🙂

another one :)…

This one is someones top 10 favourote moments in the drama.. too bad no translation in it.. eheh… BUt i can understand half of it :p…(waaa… need to continue learning korean.. huhuh)


synopsis ( my own synopsis)

Cho Anna is a very very rich billionaire.. Everyoine who basically looks like close to her are most likely good to her just for her fortune.. including her own husband.. So Anna is very cold… very cruel too.. because she knows how people despise her..

One day she had a fight with her husbband and then she fell off her yatch out of frustration…. SO after that everyone thought she is dead but actually she lost her memory and met Jang Cheol Su.. He met Jang Cheol Su before she lost her mind and she was cruel to him. So when Cheol SU met Anna again and found out that she can’t remember anythhing. he plan to bring her home to become her maid as a revenge.. :D… ( ouh well.. then you can imagine a rich woman suddenly become poor and using and eating all the poor thing ehehe :D).. Even though she lost her mind, she sort of can remember what her taste in fashion and food.. so when she was first introduce to all the clothes and food she was pretty sure she wont like it :P.. this video is the 3 things she like when she is Na shang Sil ( the woman who lost her mind :D) so cute… her favourite things are :

1. Jjajangmyun
2. Rice Wine
3. Plaster(we call koyok :P) (Her ‘cure’ for everything)

So anyway.. even though Cheol Su plan was to use her as a maid but she definitely don’t know how to do house work and all..ahhaa..so being a typical korean drama of course you all can guess what happen.. despite anna ( now na shang sil) bad usage of words ( she’s very honest), all the people basically get use to her and like her eventually.. the kids ( cheol su nephews) adore her too and of course without reallizing it Cheol Su fall for her too 🙂 and her for cheol su too :)…

This drama is from the same director of korean drama “My Girl” and “Sassy Girl Chun Hyang”. It might not be as funny as these 2 drama but nevertheless it’s still quite interesting though. :)… It shows how a very cold person can be very good towards others when the person is treated with warmth and kindness too.. that’s what happen to Cho Anna.

When her husband found out that she’s not dead, he tried to have a look at her and was surprised to know that the wife he married for 5 years can actually smile and laugh happilly.. Then’s when he decided to win back her heart..

( so sudah malas mahu cxiter lebey2..) You all can watch the drama and decide for yourself then :D.. I’ll post this one first.. I’ll add up anything once i find anything interesting 😀

6 responses to “환상의 커플- Couple or Trouble ( fantasy Couple)

  1. ayda says:

    one litre of tears tgh tayang kat 8tv..sedih arr citer tue..
    walaupun dah tgk sblm ni melalui dvd, tapi tetap rasa nak nangis tgk kat tv…

    tahu jln citer korean sad movie and operation love?
    operation love tu disuggest tgk…
    sad movie tue, endding dia sedih ke tak?

  2. eh kat 8tv bukan tengah pasang smile again ke? yang smile again tuh tak pernah tgk lagik.. tp collection OST sudah ade dr tahun lepas.. ehehhe :D…yang citer2 lain ayda sebut tuh azreen nk kene check dulu ehehehe… tak pernah tgk plak…

  3. ayda says:

    sorry azreen…operation love tu criter jepun…
    sad movie tu baru korea…

  4. aniii says:

    weh..aper ending couple or trouble?? citer skit..aku da miss 1 episode

  5. aniii says:

    weh..aper ending couple or trouble?? citer skit..aku da miss 3 episode

  6. ending? hahahah.. of course happy ending :P… kalo sad ending tak besh aa kan.. :>

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