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너무 좋아해요 (so good)

on September 9, 2007

Last Saturday eh last Friday went to Gong Jung Korean restaurant in PnB Darby Park (near Nikko Hotel)

pics-0148.jpg Memang best….akhirnya dapat gak bawak my friends and siblings to this korean restautrant. Previously I went to this restaurant with my korean classmates and teachers ehehe :D.. ouh anyway, we basically ordered most of the dishes.. we ordered personal sets.. so we can order more… so we ordered dolsot bibimbap (nasik campor bekas baru) rasanya tuh lahpics-0149.jpg Yummy yummm eheheh :D.. we ordered Kalbi Tang ( sup daging aaa)pics-0151.jpg

cam sup daging aa eehehhe :D.. tuh je lah sup yang tak pedas eheheh :P… pics-0153.jpgThis one the reddd in colur ( Yuk Kae Jang).. oh my god.. mmg pedas… the thing is, pedasnye is like pedas serbuk cili and basically all of us tak tahan eeheheh:P.. o i suppose Yuk kae jang is a no no after this… and of course.. as usual..the dish that I like the most.. is liked by my friends and siblings too.. pics-0152.jpgBulgogi :D…nyum… nyum… this is something like beef boils with some spices i suppse.. but i really really like bulgogi.. neomu chuawahaeyo (너무 좋아해요)….pics-0158.jpgSudah licin .. eheheh :D… ni muka2 gembira:p…pics-0159.jpg

muka dik ku tiada sbb dia yan tangkap gambo ahahha :P…

anyway.. the best part is.. masa dh nk habis makan… so the waiter and waitress was cleaning up our table.. so when one of the manager ( i think anak owner kot)tgh tlg nk angkat pinggan.. Aku saje gedik cakap “gomawoyo” 고마위요(thank you) and the woman was so happy and asking if i am a student studying in Korea ( we talked in korean) but i was a bit slow lah kan :P… So i said no… I studied here.. so we talked.. the woman was so happy that she even duduk kejap at our table … and she said, kenapa tak cakap awal2.. if she known earlier dia dh belanja kiterang makan korean pancake ahahahha :P..suddenly she stannds up and ask em to wait for a while… and passed me 2 korean magz… waah..


너무 좋아해요..dsc00825.jpg Some of the contents:
dsc00824.jpg dsc00826.jpg

For those who knows how crazy I am towards korean stuff.. then they will know how happy i was.. ahahha.. anyway… she passed me her biz card and asked me to call her when i visit next time.. cos she want to belanja ahahha,,, lukcy me ehegeg :p

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