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HK-SCB-SVC-2007-1X9xx-KL ( number penuh dirahsiakan :P)

on September 9, 2007

ehehhe… kepada sesape yang tidak bekerja di company ku.. pasti korang akan pelik.,.. pekemende aa yang aku letak title tuh.. fyi.. itu adalah what we call a DSSR request number :P.. This is how people in SCB (standard chartered bank) around the world make a request to create id or to grant access..In this case, this request came in from  Hong KOng and it was a request in February ( sudah lama)… saje je nk letak mende ni kat blog.. nk tunjuk my level of sarcasm i used in my line of duty as a it security exec..:P.. the first part is my last reply to the user and now awaiting the reply :P..(ntahnye lepas ni aku kene maki agaknye :p)


Hi JxxXxxx,

Reason why we refuse to grant the access without a new dssr number is because the Dssr was completed so long time ago which was February 2007. Within this 6 months period ( from February – August) no one can confirm if there’s any dssr raised to remove access for these 3 users.

Furthermore, as I can see in the previous email sent by other agent, It was mentioned that from these 5 users, 2 of them are able to access which means the group that was granted at that time was correct.

yes I can grant the access to the users easily, HOWEVER, then when audit come, we can’t confirm if these 3 users should be granted the access or not. As i said earlier who can confirm that user can’t access since February? Why the ticket not logged earlier when the problems occur? I’m not blaming you or anything, yes if this problems caused from our side, I apologizes to you on this. But now, to solve this problem faster and to make life easier for you and for us, please raise a new dssr and inform me the new dssr raised so that I can grant the access accordingly.

Once the dssr raised and approved by the line manager, please inform me the dssr number so that I can help you to expedite.

Your cooperation in this matter is very much needed to solve this problem immediately.

Any inconvenience caused is very much regretted.

Should you require any further assistance, please contact me at the below extension.

Best Regards,


Security Request Management
Fone Net          : x-6002-xxxx
Tel                  : 603 – 8992 xxxx

General line    : xxxxxx
Fone Net         : x-xxxxx

KL Global Shared Service Centre
Standard Chartered Group

P please consider the environment before printing this email

From: xxxx
Sent: Friday, September xx, 2007 11:40 AM
To: xxx,xxx; Wan Ariffin, Wan Norazreen
Subject: FW: DSSR:HK-SCB-SVC-2007-xxxx-kl



Kindly advise…


Thanks & Regards,

From: Xxxxxx
Sent: M
To: xxxxxxxx
Subject: FW: DSSR:HK-SCB-SVC-2007-


Dear xxxx,


Did they know this is a “complaint”?


Do you think “sorry” means they really feel “sorry”?


Did they know the English meaning of “complete”?


How come they trouble requester in such manner??


Are we educated person? I really don’t understand “why they can treat the request in such manner?”


Pls explain…..otherwise what is “complaint” means?


Tks xxxxx


Note how sarcastic the “poem” is :P… so since people is being polite, of course I need to be polite  too  kan? anyway, if any of my colleague is reading this, nama2 dirahsiakan sbb mende2 gini kan so called confidential.. letak sini bukan ape.. saje nk simpan wat kenang2an eehehhe 😛

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