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SG Wannabe listing :D

on September 18, 2007

Memula ingat nk wat blog pasal tensen ngan kebodohan pekerja kat California Fitness(CF).. tp cam tgh mood baik plak.. so malas nk wat blog bodoh ehehhe :p.. so since baru menonton citer over the rainbow… rupany2 one of the ost is SG wannabe song…

Another Me (Do Dareun Na)

I have always liked Sg Wannabe songs.. and vclips also cos they have story in it eheh :D.. and I have liked this song ” Another Me” since last year… skali tgk over the rainbow, it’s one of the ost.. :D… So since we are talking about SG wannabe, saje je nk post a few of My Favourite Sg wannabe songs

This one is also one of my favourite.. Unique Music and of course.. Vclip nicee. ( eh aku suka lagu dulu ek baru tgk vclip :P)

Nae Saram ( My partner for life)

this one is the continuation of the earlier vclip.. :).. different song but continuation of clips.. I like the song before watching the clips also …

Neu Rim Bo

This song i have never heard before. But I found this clip when i was browsing for SG wannabe clips…. there’s 2 part.

SeeYa – Yeo In Yi Hyang Gi(Scent Of A Woman)

this 1st video not sung by Sg wannabe. But the 2nd part I think they sang together.

SeeYa & SG WannaBe – Sa Rang Ha Gi Ttae Mun E (Because I Loved You)

I think it’s their way to make a continuation mv.. sort of a short movie..

I like this song and of course vclip. Feautiring Dennis Oh and Han Ga In 😉

SG WannaBe & Kim Jong Gook – Param Man Param Man (Only Wind)

Another collaboration of SG WannaBe and Kim Jong Gook…  A story-based video starring Han Ga In & Dennis O’Neil/Dennis Oh… the second part is called “Sae Gu Du” and sung by Lim Chang Gyu…

Lim Chang Gyu – Sae Gu Du (New Shoes)

2nd part nih sah2 lah bukan SG wannabe yang nyanyi.. tp saje nk letak sbb related

okaylah… if i would like to stream all here.. I don;t think I have enough time and space. so basically these are a few among a lot others that I can’t feature today.. I will update more some other time.. Maybe we can update “over the rainbow” drama ost 😉


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