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Love Letter…

on September 19, 2007

I am an existing member of your club (MV club).. Even though I’m just a silver coloured card members, the level of service I’m getting is not up to my satisfaction.I requested for a suspension for this month as it’s ramadhan. I came to the gym 1 week before puasa and the personell (Sofia) sort of i think wrote my name in a book and ask me to come back to sign up a form on my next visit.
To my disappointment when I came for the next visit, the staff said my name was not in the book.. and it’s already past the due date for suspension.. i waited for quite sometime and in the end the person told me to go back and will call me back for solutions.
she called me once with a not so  much as a solution and then did not call back. up untill now which is already a week after the “bad experience” day..

Cheap customers are still customers..staff should at least contact me back and inform me the solution or the situation..I’m still waiting..


My angry suggestion/comments for CF… stupid people.. Logic ke.. org dtg nk suspend membership utk ramadhan, sedap2 cakap nama kite tade dlm list… dh tuh tape aa.. paling tak tahan bila bagi suggestion, this month they charge the bill, next month we can proceed with the suspension..

BODOH ke ape??bulan depan nk suspend nk wat ape?? bongok sangat pompuan tuh.. seb baik masa tuh aku puasa.. so tak kuar perkataan maki2.. Kalo dia suggest.. okay.. miss azreen, this month we charge the bill, next month we don;t charge but you can still come to the gym next month.. tuh aku paham aa..

ni suggest suspend next month, so next month tayah dtg .. abih tuh aku bayo bill bulan ni utk ape?? bayo free2 atas angin?? hiiiiiiiii…. aku masih menunggu org org CF call..

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