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Fly to the Sky – 사랑해 (I Love You) MV

on September 25, 2007

Okaylah. Since dh terdicosver mende baru yang pelakon “over the Rainbow(OTR)” tuh is one of the “Fly to the Sky (FTTS)” band member, so nk wt post pasal fly to the sky :p.. kebetulan terjumpa vclip FTTS with Hwan Hee and the actress in “OTR”.. This is It:

macam wah abstract :p.. ahaha but hey i want to comment.. Why Hwan Hee tak se cute macam dlm OTR? people do plastic surgery to look more handsome.. but hey i prefer the before sugery Hwan hee.. huhuhu..

Translation I got from you tube gak:

Sarang Hae MV narration translation :

1:18 to 1:40 : “This is the future. In the future, your lover is going to be in danger. Go to 31st street by 2 am. If you don’t, your girlfriend will die. The only thing that will save your girlfriend now…is your love.”

5:09 till end : “One day, your lover disappears and you discover that you must trade your own life for hers, what will you do? This common but difficult to say phrase: I love you.”

Live video – Bukti they can sing LIVE:

Hwan Hee Voice is SOOooooooooOOo Damn nice.. waaa.. I can feelllllll the song mooddd..

2 responses to “Fly to the Sky – 사랑해 (I Love You) MV

  1. aLice says:

    awalnya aQ nge fanS bgt ma rEx dLm film OTR

    sO,.. aQ nyari ttng dia d inTernet,sekalian mO nyari FOTo nya GT

    eH,.. t’YATa reX tuh nm aslinya faNNy(hwaN Hee)

    n duo RnB singer with brian joo

    SEMENJAK NtUH GUe fanS ftts(Fly To The Sky)

    bTW,… Ada lirik lagu ‘you are my angel “gak??!!

    soalnya daH caPe nyari kemana-mana tp…g daPet jg


  2. eheheh :).. thanks for stopping by at my blog ;).. lirik my angel… gue ade yang korean nye sahaja :p.. nnt bila ku kerajinan.. ku passkan yang roman :D…

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