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on October 6, 2007

Sobb.. Sob.. rupa2nya today was the last eps of “Gol & gincu”.. seb baik aa sempat tgk…. huhuhuh…

The ending was short yet sweet…. huaaa.. so sad.. nothing to look forward on Sunday nights… I wouls say that Gol and Gincu is the only Malay Drama that I seriously follows..huhuhuh…nice…mmg nnt i will go and buy the cd’s to keep as a collection… wow.. my first Malay drama collection to be stacked up with all my korean dramas and movies collections ehehhe :P..ingat nk post one of the ep here, but then kat veoh tak boleh pulak nk tag sini… so any i’ll settle with this ahah..

tadi gi survey2 laptop for good.. I think if tade aral melintang next week boleh kot beli laptop… haiihhh…(praying.. praying….)..

just now went to buka puasa session with my close friends.. quite okay the price.. adult RM17.50 for a steamboat buffet… Not bad!!.. NOt bad at all :)…. Now bloated.. ehhehe :P…

What else to update?? haiih.. still tak dapat upload some pix.. cos tak sempat download from cam to pc yet.. cos my bro lose the cam cable as soon as he bought it.. so nk kene tunggu ade card reader or i hope so my laptop.. wink wink 😛 ahahhaha.

okay lah.. i think that’s all for now.. esok kijer.. mahu tidooo… ZZzzzzzzZzzzz

2 responses to “Sob..Sob…

  1. hainey says:

    jommm pegi korea ;p hiks

  2. ahhah.. masalahnye kalo aku gi korea ngan ko…ko ade teman.. aku sorang2.. huhuh.. canner tuh? :p

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