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Lalalala- Lee Da Hae – Neo Mu Chowayo ! ( She is so fine :D)

on November 1, 2007

 was browsing for Hello Miss! stuff.. and found some CF ( commercial) by Lee Da Hae.. SO cutee… ehehhe This clip is about Kimchi Fridge…. :)..

First know Lee Da Hae, 2-3 years back I think.. When I first watch “My Little Bride 18”.. Didn’t Really liked her at that time.. cos she was damn witchy ;p… LOL… And then saw her again in My girl….. howaaaaaaaaaaa… Chincha chinca chowahaeyo.. ( my new lapiie have not yet have korean characters so need to type in romanized).. – no vid for this one as in this one she was not teh main character.. but stilll left people remembering her character 😛

She was soooooo cute in My girl.. And when i first reallized that she was the same girl in Little bride 18.. i was surprised… cos the character damn different.. It shows how good she acted :D…

i put 2 for my girl ( cos little bride 18 tade:p)

————- enough on dramas—-

my daily life?? nuthing interesting :P… bosan je. the girls of itsc sebok nk buat 1 team of girl futsal eheheh.. cam menarik.. tp ku kaki bangku… so selalu main tuh pon just saje suka2 eheheh.. esok might be going for one of the session ;)…

okaylah… nk masuk blek nonton hello miss and tido :P.. ouh… saje nk post gambar hello miss cover album ahaha 😛


okeh.. dh alang2 tuh.. ni one of the song i enjoy in Hello miss ( She – version korean eheheh :p)

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