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Deepavali day in ITSC

on November 8, 2007

Deepavali day -8 November 2007 – 6.05 pm

Malasnye nk wat keje.. Today i was suppose to came in for work at 11.. But since yesterday I planned not to come at all.. But then suddenly jadi baik.. so ended up coming in a bit late ( if you call 1 hour a bit laa kan :P) ahaha.. I purposely lambat pon…At 11 i’m still in front of my Lappie downloading stuff :P…

Anyway.. when this post is drafted (now).. I’m actually in office.. malas nk buat kerja banyak2..I’ve basically finish up more than enough so I malas nk tambah lagik.. suppose to go back at 7 but my work sudah siap before 5.30 ahahah… so how???

nk balik tak boleh cos today need to monitor call after 4,30.. lalala.. I think 6.30 I will be MIA.. eehehhe lalalala… sounds so bored kan? huhu.. when our team was under security we basically come in late and go back early on Public Holidays. But now when you are considered a “Service Desk” “family”…. punctuality is very crucial.. Which sometimes I seriously ignored.. huhuh… Hey.. But i still turned up earlier than my working time on normal working days.. and I will usually go back late as well.. So i suppose once a while on Public Holiday if I’m late.. I would say good for me ahahah ( jahat je bunyinye)..

Anyway.. in my office now got a cute little philipines girl.. My colleague daughter.. She accompany her mother cos the nursery is closed today.. so no one at home to watch her.. Pity looking at her sleepy face.. But she is damnn… cute i tell you.. seriiusly cute.. :)…

casey with mommy

I seldomly go and kacau people’s daughter unless i really like the kid ehehe.. :P.. BUt I suppose everyone agree that she is very cute.. cos everytime people lalu at my colleague place, they will stop and play with the shy girl for a while eheheh And yess.. I manage to take the girl picture.. 😉 🙂

Casey ready to go home

When I fisrt met her a few weeks back.. she was so shy… she couldn’t even looked at my face.. But now since i ocassionally see her a few times a week,, she is friendlier.. I still couldn’t pretty much hear what she usually talks about cos the voice is so slow… BUt at least today the voice came out louder than usual eheheh…

Anyway.. saje je nk upload this cute girl ;).. ehehehe don’t you agree girls are cuter? ahahah 😛


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