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after effects – Dal Ja’s Spring (달자의 봄)

on November 25, 2007

Ade sangat banyak draft yang nk ku publishkan… tp sementara tgh tgk Dalja spring nk gak wat entry pasal dalja spring… howaa… Manhi urotda ( i cried a lot).. actually not a lot. but i did cried🙂.. when dalja and tae bong first break up.. howaa… nangis kejap :”>… huhuh.. am still watching now… and still can’t stop cryin.. howa. babo kattun…(like a fool).

I think i will write about the synopsys later :P…. hari ni macam mood utk menulis after effects of od dal ja ahhaha😛.. yer mmg suka emosi sket bila tgk korean drama ehehe😛.. huhuhu… huhuhuhu.. hhuhuhuhu.. still crying when i’m writing this(saikoo).. now still watching  ep 21. 1 more o last episoded.

Funny when both families have agreed for them to date… they break off pulak…haiihh…alahai… jam dah 12.30 nih..esok kerja kol 9… kat rumah tade org… kalo esok bangun lambat mati eheheh😛.. tp tammo benti tgk dalja.. 1 ep je lagik… howaa ( sape baca posting ni mesti tensen :P)

Yanie.. is you are reading this, I don’t know why but thie girl reminds me of you eheheh🙂..not the spinster character kay..:)… just the way she smiled… ntah.. ingat kat kak anie eheheh :D…

hoyeahh… ending ep 21 sangat sesuai eheheh😀..😛.. I quote ape cik anie qoute last time ahahah “sorry no matter how i think a bout it, I can’t not be with you”.. akhirnyaaa si tae bong ni….. baru nk confess isy isy…. Dalja ni sangat blurr.. nk kene dengo gak those words.. ” dangshineun sarang handago”

Kkeut… daume bwayo ( endd… jumpa next time ) nk menonton last ep :D… ladidaaaa..( ouh fyi… dh dl salja’s spring OST :D)

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