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budak hijau kepala botak/hantu kepala hitam??

on November 26, 2007

It starterd few months back….. Handphone gone.. nowhere to be seen…org amik ke.. salah letak ke… ntah!!

then… My precious Sony Cybershot :((…i am pretty sure of my stuff whereabouts especially the expensive ones.. and my cybershot is one of the precious ones….the last time i got to use it was during Rain concert back in January.. Then I am pretty sure that  put it somewhere on the boxes beside my sofa bed…..so.. who would have checked that the camera is there everyday kan??? so.. when I finally wanna use it.. the camera was nowhere to be seeen…. howaaa… dh lah cybershot model p10 tuh dh tade jual dah.. i loved it so much… pix nice… very niceee compared to all othe cameras at that time.. and it wasn’t cheap either.. i bought it aroun 2K.. cos during that time. there’s no suc thing as 7M camera that cost you less than 1k… hmmm…

after a few months… even after I rearrange my room furnitures.. the camera was nowhere to be seen…

and now… recently…….. The house was practically empty last weekend.. starting from saturday morning.. i went out ealy for futsal tournament.. my mom in singapore.. my dad and little bro pegi perak for the day.. then later in the evening balik shah alam cos the next day they are set for kampung in pontian johor.. i came back late that saturday night cos i went for tong bang shin ki (TVXQ) concert that night.. knowing that i’ll be back late, so I locked my room door with my laptop… didn’t remember to look whether my bother ps2 is still there or not… came back and went straight to my room…

Sunday morning.. going out again cos i got a seminar… so again i locked my room door while i hid my laptop under some pillows… ( didn’t see if the laptop bag is still at my computer table or not..)…

cam back in the evening..sort of saw that PS2was not at the place… but knowing abou my brother plan to bring back the ps to kampung.. so i thot that he must have brought PS2 to my “kampung”…..

This morning… feeling a bit insecure to leave my laptop at home.. so planned to bring laptop to office… but couldn’t fnd the bag.. at that time i felt weird….. how come a bag can be gone??? Still i went back and forth to my room and outside again.. looking for the bag at computer place outside my room… It’s not there!!.. with the bag gone.. i simply took any bag that can fit my laptop.. and brought the laptop to office no matter what….

this evening… my brother called and asked if i hid his PS2 somewhere .. and I said no… I thot he bawak balik kampung…. and at that moment… it all make sense… someone/something must have taken the bag to put in the PS2 in…..oh.. my gossshhh…..

at that time.. iwas so surprised.. luckily i locked my laptop in room all the time and I locked my room when I slept last 2 nights…..

true enough.. when i went home just now.. my mother said.. small2 things that can easily be gabbed has gone.. my father’s watch…my mother’s jewlery kot.. sket and of course the PS2…….i don’t know what to say if my laptop is incuded this time….i suppose the person/the thing that took the stuff don’t want to draw any attention cos all the big2 stuff was untouched.. including a brand new printer.. an old pc.. 2 cpu.. tv and everything else are still there…

 so who did it….. you guessss!!!~~~

6 responses to “budak hijau kepala botak/hantu kepala hitam??

  1. cikyamx says:

    owhh sungguh moden budak hijau itu skang ye, tak main amik duit. dia nak main ps2 tu.. dah lama teringin..
    but, how come aa? arent there any signs of your house kena pecah masuk?

  2. ntah.. tp aku rasa org yang masuk,,, so dia amik mende2 yang senang amik and amik satu beg biasa je.. bag laptop… tade aa nampak cam mengankut ape2 kan… huhuhuh.. beg laptop aku weh… kuciwa.. sbb nk beli beg latop semata pon 100 lebih.. kejiii

  3. izar says:

    hoho.. weird plss! xde tanda2 pecah masuk ke? cam dia amik benda2 yg korg x perasan sgt kan?..

  4. haah.. mmg tak nampak tanda2 pecah masuk2.. tahu2 barang ko hilang 1… 1… tensenn….. paling aku tensen masa kamera aku hilang aaa… ni PS2 hilang aku tak rasa sngt sbb bukan aku punya :p.. tp tensen weh… beg laptop aku pon hilang… seb baik bukan laptop yang hilang.. kalo laptophilang.. aku confirm otak aku shut down setahun tammo beli ape2

  5. azfa che pa says:

    siannyer.. pas ni kena pasang cctv laa. musti bulih tangkap tuyul tuh!!

  6. Iryani says:

    zeghin..ko antar ke misteri nusantara la (ade lagi ke rancangan nie?)..macam mane die ambik without a trace?..bytheway..bibimbap aku masih ade trace kan?kan?kan?heheheh

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