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Fav movie (part 1)

on November 30, 2007

These are among the korean movies that I have watched. I have always wanted to do an entry on my favourite movies.

Not so sure if this can be considered as the lists of all the movies that I have watched, but I supposed this can be considered as list of movies that I have watched :D. I listed the title in categories of “Favourite Happy movies”, “Favourite Sad Movies”, “So-So” and of course “Hate List” category :P. ehhehehe 😛

My Favourite Happy Movies 😀

My Little Bride (어린 신부)


First of all.. i would say I Like ..i like this movie sooooo much…Neomu chowaaa.. :).. I’m not sure how many times i have watched this movie.“My Little Bride” is a 2004 Korean movie starring Kim Rae-Won (deo neomu chowaa) and Moon Geun-Young. It’s named “Eorin Shinbu” in Korean. It’s a comedy and romance movie a young college guy with a 15 years old student. Lots of fun and sweet, innocent loving scene, I like it so much.

Oh Happy days


I think this is considered my 1st korean movie that I watched.maybe not the 1st on my favourite list but it’s quite interesting to make me start buying korean movies after that :). It’s about  a happy girl falling in love with a man at first sight and she started to stalk him.Hee-ji (Jang Nara), a hot-tempered girl with a strong sense of justice, bursts into [Club Med] standing up for her girlfriends who get rejected to a single party because of their supposedly [low quality]. Instead of obtaining a fair play for her gal pals, Hee-ji meets Kim Hyun-jin (Park Jung-chul), her Prince Charming managing Club Med, and believes he is the love of her life. As determined as a girl like Hee-ji, she breaks into his hotel room the next day and reads him like a book by stealing his schedule. Meant-to-be as it may seem to him who sees this cheerful girl almost everywhere he goes, Hyun-jin gradually grows feelings for her.

100 Days with Mr. Arrogant (내사랑 싸가지)


Maybe some people might say that this movie is not that good but still i like it though eheheh :D..

A young high-school girl, Ha-young after being dumped by her boyfriend on their 100 day anniversary, was on her way home when she accidentally hits Hyung-joon’s head with a can of Coke that she kicked out of anger. To make matter even worse, Hyung-joon who was driving at that moment crashed his car into a wall. He demands Ha-young pay the damage of his car, which cost $3000. Without having that much money, she agrees to become his slave for 100 days and sign an “Enslavement Agreement” in order to pay for the damage that she made to his car. Ha-young puts up with all the humiliations and hardships for the sake of $3,000 she owes Hyung-joon. However, one day, she discovers that the car could be fixed with only 10 bucks! This is when Ha-young the ‘poor little slave girl’ transforms herself into the ‘goddess of revenge’! She takes her revenge on Hyung-joon starting with his car. However, the joy of victory lasts only short time. To her surprise, Hyung-joon appears before her own eyes at her very home as her new tutor! Then the new kind of “slavery” begins in a form of teacher vs. student.But little that she know that, as they spend more time together, they become even closer than they could imagine and thus inseparable. Only when Hyung-joon suddenly disappears that Ha-young finally realized that he meant so much to her.

200 Pounds Beauty (미녀는 괴로워)



Among the latest Korean movie that I watched :).. rating… oklah… the actor is gorgeous ehhehe 😛

The Art of Seduction (작업의 정석)

Min-Jun (SONG Il-Kook) and Ji-Won (SON Ye-Jin) are so-called the first-rate “players” who are dating gurus with 100% success rates in any dating pursuits. Following her usual systematic dating rules, Ji-Won fakes a schematic car accident to capture Min-Jun’s attention and successfully approaches him. However, her smooth-sailing dating life finally encounters turbulence. Why in the world is this guy not succumbing to her alluring charm? Ironically enough, Min-Jun is also overwhelmed by the understanding that he has met his match. However, like the veteran players that they are, these two shouldn’t show any signs of weakness in their dating tactics. Ever wonder what happens when a professional playboy meets his match? Hehe.. this is a seriously hilarious movie – and the battle of wits between the two are really worth watching!

My Boyfriend Is Type B (B 남자친구)


When Ha-mi (Han Ji-hye), a romantic believer in fate, meets Young-bin (Lee Dong-geon) by chance on the street, it is love at first sight. But the charming and handsome Young-bin has the blood type what all women dread or consider a nightmare, type B. Ha-mi is head over heels for Young-bin, regardless of her cousin’s strong objections. Young-bin prepares various romantic events to capture Ha-mi’s heart. Though his idea of dating may be creative, some of them are too unique, such as sneaking into an empty office to do hurdles, or playing superman inside an elevator. Young-bin becomes more ill humored and selfish as time goes by, forcing Ha-mi to break up with him. Young-bin realizes later that he was genuinely in love with Ha-mi.

Don’t Believe Her/Too Beautiful to Lie (그녀를 믿지 마세요)



This is also among the fisrt few dramas that i bought :).. not to say it’s verryy nicee.. however.. same as oh happy days, it does not make me give up on watching korean movie hehehe 😛

Starring Kim Ha-neul (“Ice Rain”) and Kang Dong-won, love comedy “Too beautiful to lie” tells a hilarious tale about Hee-chul who is about to propose to his girl and a con girl Young-ju who just got parole.On her way to her sister’s wedding, Young-ju (Kim Ha-neul) runs into Hee-chul (Kang Dong-won), a guy heading to see his girlfriend to propose. Hee-chul’s promise ring is picked on the train and finally falls into Young-ju’s hand as she gets off the train to catch the picker. To return the ring to Hee-chul and recover the luggage she left on the train, Young-ju goes to Hee-chul’s home. Arriving home with the ring, Young-ju is mistaken as Hee-chul’s girlfriend by his family!

He Was Cool (그놈은 멋있었다)

Han Ye-won (Jung Da-bin) is a plain-looking high school girl who thinks of herself as a princess living in a beautiful castle built on a flower-covered field. One day, she writes a derogatory message about a boy on the Web. It turns out that the boy, Ji Eun-seong (Song Seung-heon), is a handsome high school student who fights well and projects a mysterious lonely aura.

Eun-sung, a high school student, believes in no physical contact with the opposite sex until marriage. One day, while jumping the school wall to cut classes, Ye-won accidentally kisses Eun-sung. Eun-sung tries to coerce her into his girlfriend. He Was Cool promises to be a refreshing love story between a naïve but rebellious high school boy and his average but charming girlfriend.

Innocent Steps (댄서의 순정)

This movie is so funny especially the weird accent of the actress. The actress was supposed to come from China.. so the korean is supposed to be weird.. What i like about this movie is when they started to learn to dance.. howaaa… so sweett…

Na Young-sae was once touted as the best dance trainer in Korea, and was in contention for another trophy during the national dance competition, until dirty underhand tactics by rivals ruined it all for him. Seeking a comeback, his manager and him hatched a plan to import a foreign talent from China, Jang Chae-rin, to partner with him and reclaim his spot at the top.Alas, Chae-rin turns out to be the inexperienced teenage sister of the real mccoy, and Young-sae goes into a frenzy as the championships is only 3 months away. Reluctantly, and realizing the lack of time, Young-sae has no choice but to make do with what he has, and put his training skills to the test in turning a rookie into a professional ballroom dancer

Actually there are a few more other happy/funny movie that i have watched and i like.. but since this post is getting too long aaahahha… o i guess i stipped untill here for comedy/ romantic comedy movie category :D…i think if i would have listed ALLLL…. the movie thta i have watched… i think i don’t have the guts t write all ahaha.. penat weh….

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