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Enchanted ( translated as terpersona :p) wahahahahaha

on December 8, 2007

Wahaaa…last night I practically slept at 8 pm… not sure was it because I was too tired because of the relax training or because I basically slept around 4-5 hours for the past few days.. The best part part was I slepr for more than the usual hours I slept for these past few days.. eheh.. I slaprt from 8-1.40 and then suddenly decided wanted to wake up  for a while and watch movie.. ahahah.. and before I decide that I was calculating on how many hours I have slept ahahaha..

Right now I’m writing this blog for tomorrow posting ahahaha (now It’s actually 2.15 am)…So what should we write about today???..


morning. 8am.. after bangun tido and wat keje lain sket.. got the idea to find videos on Enchanted.. surprised to find quite a numebrs of video considering this is a new movie…


1st let start with the trailer 😀 :


Then this is one of my favourite scene.. Funny and yet interesting when suddenly there are a lot of people join the girl to sing a song that people have never heard before this 😀



ouh and when i thot that the girl is bimbo… the prince is even worse hihihi.. well.. yeah.. cannot blame the character.. cos the fairy tales characters supposed to be that way.. ehehe.. but yeah.. damn cute :D… cos basicaly their mind set of hinking is like “true love first kiss is the most powerful thing”…. an d then.. something like “happily ever after” ehehe 😛


stories….. ( if you don’t want spoiler… stop reading :D):


Gisele is a typical girl in a normal disney fairy tale world… singing in the woods hoping to meet her prince chraming ehehhe… and guess what she met him… ahaha.. and true enough.. after 1 day of meeting they decided to get married.. ( hihihih :p)…


but on the wedding day, gissele was pushed into a well by the prince william evil step mother.  so to cut things short.. she ended up in the real world… New York city ehhee.. in her fluffy big skirt wedding dress…  so.. yada yada… she met this guy.. a widower with 1 daughter.. a lawyer in a big firm in new york.. :D..


that’s when gissle learnt many different things about the true world… our world……i like it when she actually made her dress in one night.. out of the curtains hanging in the house… ahahha imagine all teh curtains have holes in the shape of skirts and pleats hihih..


another one i like is when she sings to call for the animals to help her to clean up…. instead of all the cute2 animals like deers, rabbits and birds ( like in the cartoon)… the animals that answer her singing calls were pigeon, cockroaches, rats and flies hihih… ( well it’s New York city .. wat do you expect? :p)


anyway.. please do watch the movie.. if you like a lite movie with nothing much to think about.. this is really a good movie ;)…


soo cuteee……ouh ouh.. almost forgot to include kerry underwood song… “aver ever after”. Enchanted Enchanted.


ouh ps.. lupa nk comment why my title is that way… fyi… in the cinema… they translated “Enchanted” as terpersona… waah….. i almost laughd out loud just by looking at the subs.. hihihi

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