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Salam Maal Hijrah

on January 10, 2008

Jan 10, 2008 – 12.19 p.m


Salam Maal Hijrah to all J…..2008 New Year also just passed 10 days ago… Hmmm.. New year.. new me? Aahha.. doubt it..


People keep on talking New years resolution… new years hope… new year this and that…For me I have never made a habit of making at least a resolution for the New Year.

Well… In my opinion if you want to dream…If you want to hope…. Anytime will do….NO need to wait until new year to basically bring back the Last year Resolution forward :P… (right??) eheheh


My New Year started hectically :p ( is there such as word as that? :p). What I meant was, as usual the work has never lessen :p.. In fact I would say it’s more than ever ahahha.. It seems just like yesterday … when I passed my Resignation Letter….( and then took it back :p wahahaa – ade gak org cam aku nih kan :p).. The thought of leaving have always been in mind.. But for now I think I’ll stay put for a while.. Gain experience and knowledgeJ..Maybe can think about switching department eheheh :P…The thing about changing jobs/ changing department/ changing anything out of your ordinary life is You need the courage to take the leap.. Whether it’s big or small the gap will always be there. But if you don’t take the leap, how can you grow? But anyway, for me no matter where you are, always hold to this one principal, “Always do the best in whatever you do” 😉 and so far It has worked well for me ehheehe J


You can be loud… you can be whiny… you can be anything… but when it comes to works and commitment do your best ;)…(cepatlah masuk bonus oooiii :P)


Oklah.. enough of these blah blah blah thingy ehehehe :P.. You all know where is “Angkasapuri” right? I know too… Why I asked about Angkasapuri pulak nih? Ahahah?? Actually I passed by Angkasapuri everyday on the way back from work.. Every day… Every single day…(So what?) ahahah.. Actually just to show how ignorant sometimes I can be.. I know I realize where is angkasapuri.. but can you believe it sometimes I basically forgot where is angkasapuri? There was once this man asked me how to go to angkasapuri and I said, “ me not sure” :p… BUkan saje nk kenekan org tuh.. tp mmg masa tuh macam in my head I was thinking “Eh.. rasa btol la Angkasapuri is somewhere along Federal highway.. tp tak sure mana… It’s like I thot I saw it somewhere ahahaha”  


But anyway, yesterday the traffic was damnnn bad. Left office at about 7.20.. stuck in jam for more than an hour and before reaching MV, saw the electronic sign board saying that the traffic in Federal Highway were really bad starting from Angkasapuri towards PJ…. And that’s when I basically realized mmg I lalu angkasapuri hari2 ahahahaha :P…


In short ( sape yang baca ape aku merapu ni mesti tensen,,, go on and on and on with the same thing :P), you may sometimes ignored the thing that you see everyday.. Same goes with everyday life. You see everyone everyday and sometimes you may forget the existence of the person… but in the end, the non existence of them, then you may realize how all these while you have been ignoring the simple pleasure of having someone J.. ( oohh aku yang tgh menaip ni pon macam pelik.. ape yang nk aku sampaikan :p)

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