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Old album…

on January 11, 2008

11 January 2008 – 12.02.. Yeah I Know I wrote an entry earlier this afternoon ( eh.. should I say yesterday afternoon? :p)..and now I realized it’s about 12 hours back eheeh and we are now in new day 

 I came across old album just now and I was browsing the album. It was my school days pictures.. waaa.. long long long time ago ahaahaa.. ( sounds so old).aroung 8/9 years ago( waa… now realized how long I have left school….It was those days when I’m still cute and sweet ahahahah :p.. Those days are long gone .. Anyway, that’s not the reason why ‘m writing this entry. Looking at those pictures, came across dew pictures where there are some guy and some girl taking pictures together. And thinking of how some of them have made it to the married life.. waaahh… that’s what we call high school sweet heart ye

 ..Good for them.. Happy for all of you.. Let me flash back those high school sweet hearts yang Berjaya berkekalan… Maa n Gujek ( baru je kahwin last month), Hazel and Mael ( also baru je kahwin last month), Chepa n Acat ( selamat kahwin few months back- now in Japan), Ida n Cipun( baru je dapat anak last month.. Congrats to both of you :)).. Who else?? What about some gossips that at that point of time ( masa sekolah) were not so much true but turned out real now?

Ehhe.. Dlm banyak2 gambo tuh, Nampak lah gambo Adi ngan Am ;).. ( grin .. grin..) rasanya dulu masa sekolah theye were not really a couple as in declared couple I think ( at least I thought of it that way – tato lah kalo they are very very very good secret keeper ehehe).. But now they are engage.. Good for both of you ;).. Wishing you All the best in life and pray for many many more happy returns.

Pssst.. pstt.. Niesah, hang bila lagik?? Ehhehe 😛 Then there are also a lot of pictures with the girlssss of soksek.. telek2 gambo then sambil2 memangkah muka2 yang dh kawin ( pangkah dlm kepala je ok 😛 ahaha).. tgk gambo dorm, Haniza, lilen, yantie, Ina( selama seme dh kawin.. seb baik lom lebih half the dorm yang dh kawin… kalo idak eheheh.. Nampak sangat lah aku stock last2 batch :P) I think I’m young.. but am I in denial?

Ahahah :P.. I supposed, part of me is basically happy being what I am today where I’m not really looking for anyone right now… But sometimes there is also a part of me where I sometimes think, whether I will / I will not end the single life? But I guess my biggest issue must be within me.. 😛

… Believe it or not, I still and very much still am having problems with self esteem in this kind of department….. Only time will telll ( I guess I blurp up too much info now :P…) Anyyeonggg..

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