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Get Karl – Oh Su Jong

on January 27, 2008

well.. my last entry for korean drama review was “Dalja spring”.. Since i have been gone ( from the net :p for quite sometime…)..I have watched the drama Get Karl! Oh Su Jong…

Starred- handsome cutie “Oh ji Ho..” 😀 hihih… so damn cute wahaha :p.. ok.. admit it.. As usual, i wanted to put some comments on some dramas/movies.. then in the end.. malas ( aahah :p)… so ended up qouting the content from other pages ( this one from dramabeans.com) :

1.jpg 2.jpg

You’ve probably heard about Oh Ji Ho’s new drama — or at least the part where he puts on a fat suit to give us the drama version of the hit movie 200 Pound Beauty. It’s also being called his comeback drama (although come on, can you call it a comeback when his last drama finished seven months ago?) — most probably since he dropped out of the limelight from grief/stress/fatigue when his former ex sadly committed suicide and he was vilified in the press and internet (always with the internets!) for various issues regarding that. Let’s not dwell on the ugly gossip, though.

Today’s episode of Bad Couple came with the preview to his new drama, and it looks pretty cute even if I wasn’t a 100% fan of 200 Pound Beauty (it was cute, but I had mixed feelings). Plus, although I didn’t previously really love costar Uhm Jung Hwa, after I saw Seducing Mr. Perfect, I had to admit she was a decent actress — anyone who had to act opposite Daniel Henney in that (whom I’d previously liked in My name Is Kim Samsoon, funnily enough) must have skills, because she’s acting opposite the emotional equivalent of a brick wall. Albeit a very nice-looking brick wall.

Oh, right, but back to my point:


Oh Ji Ho is Go Man Su, also known as Karl Go. Formerly fat, and formerly in love with the popular and pretty Oh Su Jung, Man Su is now a lean, sexy golf pro worth a whole bunch. Because he was cruelly hurt by Su Jung eight years ago, he’s become cold and detached when it comes to love. Meanwhile, the tables have turned, and while he’s now a hottie, Su Jung isn’t doing so well herself. Eight years ago she was a hot young thing, but now, at 34, she’s not exactly where she hoped she’d be. Now that Man Su’s back, he’s going to be making sure what goes around comes around…
A note on the title: I’ve seen it translated Butcher Oh Su Jung, and that’s the literal translation given the Korean title 칼잡이 오수정. But having read the descriptions and seeing no mention of butchers, I believe it’s not the literal translation “butcher” — since “Karl” (?) is Oh Ji Ho’s character’s name. So I’m thinking it’s more along the lines of “Get Karl, Oh Su Jung!”

On with the preview:


Here’s the content of the preview:

My name is Karl.
Want to hear my story?
I used to be a huge bomb.
Fat, with a diificult personality.
My friends would always say I was about to explode. [Thought bubbles: BOMB!!]
In the end, I burst with a boom.
Now, I’m a hot catch.
Bomb? That’s nothing anymore.

My name is Oh Su Jung.
Want to hear my story?
I used to have a dream.
To be a prosecutor, and a wife.
But that path was rough and stormy.
It almost came true once…
but it wasn’t so easy to attain.
But I haven’t given up on it yet, because I’ve got a secret weapon.
You’ll see soon enough!

As she fantasizes, written in blue are:

“My man is…

As we see fat Oh Ji Ho…

“That’s ME.”
“Su Jung’s man, Go Man Su.”
“Our battle begins.”


Director Park Hyung Ki 박형기 :: “봄날” (Spring Days), “루루공주” (Princess Lulu), “사랑하고 싶다” (I Want to Love)
Scriptwriter Park Hye Ryeon 박혜련 :: “테마게임” (Theme Game), “New Nonstop,” “Nonstop 3,” “혼자가 아니야” (I’m Not Alone), “Nonstop 5″
Scriptwriter Park Ji Eun 박지은 :: “깜짝 스토리랜드” (Sudden Story Land), “달래네 집” (Dallae’s House), “꼭 한번만나고 싶다” (I Want to Meet You)

Official site: http://tv.sbs.co.kr/osujung/

Oh Ji Ho 오지호 :: Go Man Su (aka Karl Go)
Uhm Jung Hwa 엄정화 :: Oh Su Jung
Park Su Jin 박수진 (of Sugar) :: Younger Su Jung
Lee Geon Ju 이건주 :: Younger Man Su

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