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Cutie Cuppy :D

on January 31, 2008


Kiopta?? ( cute isn’t it?)… soo cute… but this picture is after I ruined the cute cup cakes.. I was supposed to take the pictures b4 I ruined those cup cakes.. But.. being me, I think I ruined the cakes when I was trying to get in my car or maybe during my “pleasurely” drive way home .. eheheh :P(mandai2 create perkataan pleasurely) :P.

This is supposed to be something like a thank you gift from our manager for the wish and presents that people have given his newbown.. so cute… the cupcakes have pattern related to babies “ baby shoe,diaper pin and two more I’m not sure what was it eheheh.”

 But nevertheless the cakes are still cute even when the shoes already smeared to the box hihih .. Again, thank you boss for the cute token 😉

p/s: forgive my photography.. ahahha ni lah kesannye menangkap di dlm kereta semasa di traffic lights :p ( cos i was afraid i might ruin the cake more before i get to take pictures of it ahahah :p)

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