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A ring, A love letter and 50 ringgit less!!

on February 13, 2008

And so it seems that I did get my chance to receive a ring from someone ahahaha :P.. Guess what, for the first time after 2 years working in TPM… I finally received a YELLOW RING from the TPM management aahahahha…On top of that, I even got a pink LOVE LETTER to accompany the ring :P……….

…………………….hoohohoyeah…. My car got clamped… ahahaha…too bad..I was trying to be smart by modifying the yellow coupon.. My first attemp has shown a very bad result.. huhuh.. Last week and this week my shift starts at 7.30.. So being DAMMNNN early in the morning, so my car was parked just in front ( eh at the side) of Entp 4……..

… and cos being too early… no one was there to sell the special yellow coupon to me :P.. so being me(oouhh actually i never tried this thing until i saw one of my fren did it)…so was trying my luck by putting the “modified” coupon.. and so it happenssss.. cos of the “modified” coupon, the fine cannot be discounted.. so i had no choice but to pay 50 to the TPM guy.. howa huhuhu.. luckily i git some extra money in the wallet.. haaiihhhh…

……………….. and so that was the stories of my unfortunate “short” engagement to TPM :P………

4 responses to “A ring, A love letter and 50 ringgit less!!

  1. izar says:

    ahahah chehh mati2 aku ingat ko betunang dah reen! 😛

  2. ahahhaha.. tu lah saje wat tajuk saspens.. ahahahahha…. 😀

  3. hainey says:

    TPM tu ape :: 😮 woowwoowo

  4. TPM tu tempat ku bekerja :p (Technology Park Malaysia) ahahah 😛

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