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My Clean Passport is gone..

on February 25, 2008

How can a Cleeaaannn passport gone b4 you get to use it? it happended to me though… huhuh… was  trying to book ticket to Osaka.. When it get to the Passport details part, I was looking for my passport and then was when i found iut that it’s gone… huhuhu.. Suddenly remembered that i migh thave put it in my laptop bag when i went back to JB in hope if in anycase if i will go to singapore, so i might have needed it…

and being me.. i forgot to take the passport from my laptop bag after i came back here… and  when i finally searching for the passport, then it dawned to me that wahaaaa.. i forgot to take the passport from the bag and the bag is now taken by some stupid robber who took the bag probably just to put in my brothers Playstation in it…

howahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… the passsport is cleannnn….. haven’t got the chance to use it.. and now i need to renew the thingy.. The malas part is that I need to go and do police report.. howaa.. malasnyeee

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