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When will FTTS comes to Malaysia??

on February 25, 2008

wahaaa.. i was so glad that i came across the “unofficial Fansite of Fly to The Sky” about last week…. I had been pretty much head over heels over these guys ahahah ( crazy me) and that’s where I found out that FTTS was planning to have a Fan greet (mini concert) in bangkok… just last weekend… wahaaa…. i got a wedding to atend.. If not i would have  joined the “Heavenly Sent” gurls to Bangkok and shout at the concert…. ahahhah

Anyway, thanks to these girls who went to the concert, I got to see the nice pix.. wahaa… (credit to : Baegi_indo from Heavenly sent).. I hope you don’t mind if I upload some of the pix here… (please PM me if you want me to remove the pix)……

Meet the fan session-(me so jealous) hwanhee -neomu motissoyoo… howaaa

wohoo…. My love for hwanhee is getting deeper (ahahah.. sounded like lovesick puppy)… Now I don’t care no more if I like the face b4 surgery better or the face after surgery eheh… used to hate the new face.. cos i prefer the cute hwanhee.. but heh.. I don;t care anymore… Hwanhee is still cute no matter what 😀



wahaaaaaa…..i wish i could be there toooo….
Anyway, thanks to all HS angels who managed to upload the pix.. At least we all get to get a glimpse of the event..

6 responses to “When will FTTS comes to Malaysia??

  1. mk says:

    i also know it from the chinese website, but that day our chinese festival, so i design not no loh…

  2. Hello MK.. how did you manage to find my blog here? ehehe 🙂

  3. kakak cun says:

    kekekeke…jumpe jugak bkal adek ipar kakak ni…gorjes orgnyeh…krg nk pegi rombongan tu jgn lupa ajak kakak join skalik 😉

  4. eheheh tu lah… sangat encem kan ahhahah :P…(gila :p)

  5. uji says:

    Wow Azreen…spazzing ek!!! ha haaa…. who doesn’t love the hottie hwanhee..lucky I did go to the mini concert…AWESOME & SUPERB performance!!!

  6. yeah.. who can blame me for faling head over heels ahahahah 😀

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