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The Spiderwick Chronicles

on March 16, 2008

Yesterday I went to watch The Spiderwick Chronicles.Basically i just went to the movie not having any expectation as i was not even sure what was the story all about… Went there cos I promised my brother that i would go and watch the movie with him ehehe :)…. Actually it’s not bad at all.. I emjoyed the movie very much and there were some suspense scenes too .. Overall I sould say not bad at all for a child chronicle ( ceee…. pandai je aku cakap citer org child chronicle 😛 eheh)…weh.. dh recheck.. my children books pon ehee :p

anyway, as usual, I am so enthusiastic to write about any movie review… but when i finally write down an entry… then I malas want to think of the words.. so in the end.. we copyright from any web yer eeheh 😀

=====================Spoiler Alert======= DO not READ if you hate SPOILERS :p=========

—–Taken from wikipedia —–

The Spiderwick Chronicles takes place in New England, United States, when young twins Simon and Jared and their older sister Mallory move into the decrepit Spiderwick Estate. They discover a field guide to faeries written by the house’s previous owner, Arthur Spiderwick, and soon begin to notice faeries throughout the estate. However, Mulgarath, a shape-shifting ogre, wants the field guide so that he can rule over all faerie-kind (and possibly humans as well) and so attacks the children in an attempt to obtain it.

Mrs. Grace, recently divorced, wants a new start for her family, so the Grace family moves into the Spiderwick Estate when it is given to them by their elderly great-aunt Lucinda, Arthur Spiderwick’s daughter. Mallory uncovers a dumbwaiter system behind a wall; in it, Jared finds a monogrammed key. He also discovers Arthur Spiderwick’s study, and when he uses the key to open a chest, he finds Spiderwick’s Field Guide. Although an attached note warns him not to read it, he does so anyway.

Later, Jared meets a brownie named Thimbletack, who explains that magical creatures are normally invisible but can reveal themselves at will. He tells Jared about a protective circle that Arthur Spiderwick placed around the house and gives him a stone with a hole which allows him to see faeries. Simon, mistaken for Jared, is kidnapped by Mulgarath’s goblins, while Jared meets Hogsqueal, a hobgoblin who gives Jared the ability to see all faeries without the aid of the stone. With Mallory’s help, the twins escape from the goblins into the house.

Jared and Mallory visit their great-aunt Lucinda for advice. She tells them that only one person can help them—Arthur Spiderwick. However, he was “rescued” by Sylphs, a type of faerie, when goblins attacked, and they will not allow him to return because they desire his knowledge. Lucinda tells them that they must find her father and have him destroy the book. Suddenly, Mulgarath’s goblins attack them and manage to steal several pages from the book before they are driven off.

Meanwhile, Simon, aided by Thimbletack, has employed his time to fill plastic bags with tomato sauce, which burn goblins like acid. The siblings use the book to summon Arthur Spiderwick’s pet, a griffin, which takes them to the realms of the Sylphs. There they meet Arthur Spiderwick, who has not aged but is also unaware of the time he has spent there. Spiderwick initially does not want to leave, but eventually changes his mind, and the three escape on the griffin.

On their return, Hogsqueal warns them that one of the stolen pages will allow Mulgurath to destroy the protective circle when the moon waxes full. The family arms themselves with steel knives and tomato sauce. When they are forced into the kitchen, they place all of their tomato sauce and salt into the oven and hide before detonating it, killing all of the goblins.

Mr. Grace enters the house and tells Jared that he came to apologize; however, Jared stabs him in the stomach, revealing him to be Mulgarath in disguise. Jared escapes with the book through the dumbwaiter while Mulgarath transforms into a python and gives pursuit. On the roof, Jared throws the book onto the lawn; as Mulgarath transforms into a raven to catch it, he is snatched and eaten by Hogsqueal.

The Graces bring Lucinda back to the house; and the Sylphs appear, bringing Arthur. However, he cannot remain, because his age would return to him all at once and kill him. Instead, Lucinda asks to be taken with him, and so the Sylphs transform her back into her six-year-old self and spirit the two away.


Ouh.. satu je nk komen… nape senang benor the supposed to be “fearful” ogre Mulgarath tuh mati ehhehe :P…

ouh one more thing.. who would follow a not saying that ” beware please do not read this book.. bla bla bla.. you will face the consequences” ? eheh i wouldn’t.. well it;s human nature.. the more people say don’t the curious people will be… so I don;t blame jared for opening the book… but i do blame him for being stupid or should i say “lack of thinking” judgment once a while eeehhh… all the time in the movie… well kids ( ceeee… cam aa aku tak wat bad judgment ahahah)..

anyway.. go and watch the movie and judge it your self 😉

4 responses to “The Spiderwick Chronicles

  1. Eric Hundin says:

    I found your blog on MSN Search. Nice writing. I will check back to read more.

    Eric Hundin

  2. Dumbwaiter says:

    I realize this is a pretty old post, but I still have yet to see this movie and have been wanting to for some time. I enjoyed reading your review.

  3. yes… this is a very old post… but anyway, i’m glad that you enjoyed reading my review :).. this is just my opinion though :)..

    do visit again…

  4. ehh.. wrong comment.. i meant those were taken from wikipedia.. :).. so lazy to retype.. ehehe

    anyway, do visit again 🙂

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